Attached Therapy

Washington, D.C.

Individual Therapy in Washington, D.C.

Jason Powell partners with individual clients throughout The District on a variety of life stressors and challenges. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, communication, anxiety, depression, sexual intimacy or connection, workplace issues, or strained family of origin dynamics, he can help. Regardless of your circumstances, Jason will come alongside you from a place of skill, care, and genuine positive regard.

Couples Therapy in Washington, D.C.

Jason is privileged to be a nationally respected voice in the world of couples and relationship therapy who is a regular contributor to premier media outlets such as Forbes and The Knot. He knows the incredible heartache that is associated with marital or relationship disconnection and brings hope, experience, and structure to navigating your pain. Whether you are experiencing crisis in the aftermath of having an affair or infidelity revealed, have lost physical or emotional desire for one another, feel like roommates, or argue in the same patterns time and time again, Jason will bring a calming presence while creating a safe space for both of you.

Sex Therapy in Washington, D.C.

As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) both in Dupont Circle, and virtually throughout the D.C. area utilizing telehealth, Jason brings education, experience, compassion, and a research-based approach to the therapy space. Whether you are struggling with desire discrepancy, painful sex, erectile dissatisfaction or dysfunction, the exploration of new sexual desires or fantasies, BDSM, kink, or how to explore your own erotic world, he can help. Please feel free to reach out today for a free, 15-minute consultation to talk about your unique circumstances and goals for therapy.

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