Attached Therapy

Stamford, Connecticut

Individual Therapy in Stamford, CT

Jason Powell works with individual clients across Stamford on a variety of issues and concerns such as depression, relationship challenges, emotional disconnection, anxiety, family of origin struggles, and with finding greater satisfaction in eroticism and intimacy. Whether you want to process past trauma or are amid the pain now, Jason will come alongside you with empathy, compassion, and therapeutic skill. You will find him to have a relaxed demeanor and authentic care for whatever you are going through.

Couples Therapy in Stamford, CT

Jason is a Marriage and Couples Therapist in Stamford who brings years of experience in helping clients to restore even the most fractured relationships. He specializes in helping couples who are in crisis, with finding stable footing after an affair or infidelity, and in patterns of conflictual communication which may have exhausted you both. Even if you have tried therapy before, we encourage you to reach out to Jason for a consultation to discuss your own unique story and circumstances.

Sex Therapy in Stamford, CT

Jason is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) in Stamford who helps individual and partnered clients to navigate a wide range of sexual challenges and opportunities such as desire discrepancy, BDSM, kink, a loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and more. If you need help sharing your eroticism with a partner, want to accept and embrace your own sexual desires, or are trying to free yourself from sexual shame, he can help. Jason will create a safe, informed, and comfortable space for your work together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to request a consultation to chat about your goals for Sex Therapy in Stamford.


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