Attached Therapy


Practice Coordinator and Director of Client Experience

I am the Practice Coordinator and Director of Client Experience for Attached Therapy, based in Chicago. My primary role is to make the experience of all current and prospective clients as comfortable and convenient as possible. Have a question about what we do or how we do it? Give me a call or send over an email. Need help rescheduling a session or setting up a new client consultation? I’m here to help. When I am not working with our clients, I am focused on our clinicians and the overall culture at Attached Therapy. We strive to be a place that is inclusive, safe, and respectful for everyone. Whether it’s helping you to get scheduled, answering a question, or focusing on our culture, I am honored to be your trusted contact at Attached Therapy.

Outside of work I am passionate and motivated by anything health and wellness related and am an advocate for the prioritization of mental health. I recently obtained my Personal Trainer Certification and hope to continue to integrate fitness into every aspect of my life. I love to go to the gym, spend time with my family and friends, and attend dance classes.