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Greenwich, Connecticut

Individual Therapy in Greenwich, CT

Jason Powell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who works with individuals in Greenwich through a variety of life’s issues and challenges. Maybe you want to work together on intimacy, eroticism, strained family of origin dynamics, relationship disconnection, healing from betrayal, or moving forward after a divorce. Whether you feel the crushing weight of anxiety, struggle to cope with the overwhelming sadness that can be associated with depression, or want to improve your self-esteem while aligning with your own sense of values, he can help with skill and authentic compassion.

Couples Therapy in Greenwich, CT

Jason is a nationally respected voice in the world of marriage and relationship therapy who will bring his years of experience in helping couples to overcome even the most difficult and painful of circumstances to your work together. He is skilled in steadying couples and marriages in crisis, helping those trying to wrap their heads around the chaos that can be associated with an affair or infidelity, and in restoring connection that seems to be lost beyond repair. Even if you have been having the same fight for years and are struggling to find hope for your marriage or relationship, we encourage you to reach out to Jason for a consultation. He also has a great deal of experience in helping high profile couples to navigate their relationship work with discretion and care for the unique circumstances that come with notoriety. You will find Jason to be relaxed, skilled, understanding, and genuinely caring for both you, and your relationship.

Sex Therapy in Greenwich, CT

Jason is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) in Greenwich who works with both individuals and partners on a range of sexual challenges and opportunities. Whether you are enduring the frustration of erectile dysfunction, have lost sexual desire for your partner, are looking for greater self-acceptance and understanding around your sexual interests, or want to breathe new life into your marital bedroom, he can help. From the exploration of BDSM or kink, to sharing your most vulnerable erotic self with a partner, Jason will create a safe and comfortable therapeutic space for your work together.

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