Attached Therapy

Darien, Connecticut

Individual Therapy in Darien, CT

Jason Powell works with individuals in Darien on a variety of issues and concerns such as anxiety, stress management, loss, grief, depression, professional crossroads, relational struggles, and sexual challenges. Whether you feel stuck, hopeless, or are unsure of how to move forward, he will come alongside you with a supportive and thoughtful approach. Learn more about Jason and his background here.

Couples Therapy in Darien, CT

Jason’s work tends to focus heavily on helping couples throughout Darien who are in varying levels of distress. If you have experienced any type of infidelity or an affair, a loss of connection, arguing which has exhausted and worn you down, or feel a sense of hopelessness in your relationship then he encourages you to reach out for help. Whether you are married, in a relationship, or contemplating what is next with you and your partner, Jason can help. Some areas for you to potentially partner together on may include communication issues, loss of intimacy, attachment struggles, marital separations, trust ruptures, parenting, desire discrepancy, sexual dissatisfaction, and an intimate disconnection.

Sex Therapy in Darien, CT

Jason is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) in Darien who specializes in sexual dysfunction, fear related to sex and sexuality, shame regarding wants, desires, and interests, the exploration of kinks, and more. Whether you are experiencing desire discrepancy (often referred to as differences in “libido”), painful sex, a loss of attraction to your partner, or a sexual relationship that feels stressful, disconnecting, and maybe even confusing, Jason can help you to navigate these with a caring, informed, and experienced approach.

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