Attached Therapy

Coral Gables, Florida

Individual Therapy in Coral Gables, FL

Jason Powell works with individuals throughout Coral Gables on a variety of issues and concerns such as anxiety, family of origin complexities, loss, grief, depression, sexuality, and relational intimacy. Whether you have been struggling for years, or need help processing something that you are currently wrestling with, he can help. Even if it feels difficult to imagine things getting better, we encourage you to reach out for a consultation to see if it’s a good therapeutic fit. You will find Jason to be authentic, playful, genuinely caring, and skilled in your work together.

Couples Therapy in Coral Gables, FL

Jason has extensive experience with couples and spouses in Coral Gables, throughout Florida, and across the country. As a leading voice in the world of relationship, marriage, and sex therapy, he is passionate about helping couples who are in crisis, feeling hopeless, or struggling to find desire for their relationship. Whether you are facing the aftermath of an affair or infidelity, experiencing sexual or emotional disconnection, handling conflict in destructive ways, or noticing a growing sense of apathy for your partner or the relationship, Jason can help. He will come alongside you to break up the patterns of loneliness and disconnection, and instead find new ways to experience each other again. There is hope.

Sex Therapy in Coral Gables, FL

Jason is a compassionate and skilled AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) in Coral Gables who specializes in sexual dysfunction, kinks and fetishes, BDSM, desire discrepancy, sexual shame, the exploration of new ways to experience eroticism, and more. He understands the vulnerability that talking about sex requires and provides a safe, welcoming therapeutic space to work together in. Reach out for a free consultation today.

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