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Birmingham, Michigan

Individual Therapy in Birmingham, MI

Jason Powell is a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individual clients throughout the Birmingham, Michigan area on a wide range of therapeutic goals and life challenges. If you are experiencing the crushing weight of depression, wearing out from the exhaustion of trying to slow down an anxious mind, or longing for a deeper and more satisfying relationship with the people in your life, he can help. As a Certified Sex Therapist (CST), he can also guide you in the unpacking of sexual trauma, pushing back on shame, understanding desires, kinks, or fetishes, and with the navigation of various dysfunctions. Reach out today for a consultation to share your unique story and reasons for coming to therapy.

Couples Therapy in Birmingham, MI

Jason is a nationally respected marriage and relationship therapist who has provided communication, connection, and intimacy insights with leading media outlets such as Forbes and The Knot. He has helped countless couples and marriages to find renewed connection in the most challenging and desperate seasons of their relationship. From a recently revealed or discovered affair, communication which has become an endless cycle of frustration and loneliness, or with intimacy challenges that have you feeling more like roommates than lovers, he can help with compassion and skill. Jason has vast experience with couples who have previously tried relationship therapy without making the progress that they were hoping for, with those who are in a relational crisis, and in coming alongside marriages on the brink of divorce or separation. His comfort and expertise with couples in these unimaginably painful places will provide hope and confidence that a different outcome may be possible after all. Even if you are starting to feel apathetic or hopeless, we encourage you to reach out about how couples therapy with Jason may be able to help.

Sex Therapy in Birmingham, MI

Jason is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) in Birmingham, Michigan who works with both individuals and couples on the path to finding more satisfying and authentic eroticism. If you are experiencing a desire discrepancy with your current partner (whether you are the higher or lower desire partner), are struggling to find pleasure in your sexual encounters, find yourself wrestling with shame or trauma related to your past, or wanting to explore a new kink or fetish in your relationship, he can help. As an experienced Sex Therapist, he understands how challenging and complex our sex lives can be. What can at times be rewarding, fulfilling, and connecting, can also unexpectedly become anxiety inducing, obligatory, and undesired. From the exploration of BDSM, to once again experiencing the warmth and safety of physical touch with your spouse or partner, Jason will guide you with care, empathy, and authenticity.

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