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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Individual Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is a beautiful mix of academia, entrepreneurship, family life, a fun singles scene, outdoor recreation, and the arts. From the picturesque campus of the University of Michigan to paddling down the serene Huron River, Ann Arbor has it all. That doesn’t mean, however, that life is easy or free from the chaos and stressors of life. You might be dealing with anxiety, depression, strained communication with loved ones, family of origin pain, or find yourself at a professional crossroads. Regardless of where you are at in the journey, Jason Powell will walk alongside you with empathy, skill, and positive regard.

Couples Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI

Marriage and Relationship Therapy is foundational to Jason’s work with clients across Michigan. Whether you are in a relational crisis due to infidelity or an affair, have lost emotional connection, struggle to feel desirous, have become more like roommates than romantic partners, or are struggling to continue amidst constant and repetitive fighting, Jason can help. He will hold hope, create a safe space, and guide you through your painful season together based on years of practical experience with helping couples in seemingly hopeless spots.

Sex Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI

As a Sex Therapist (CST), certified by AASECT, Jason brings formal training, supervised clinical casework, and a modern, research-backed approach to sex and intimacy work. Whether you are looking to explore new desires or kinks, feel shame about your sexual interests, struggle with pain during sex, have erectile dysfunction or dissatisfaction, or want to understand your own erotic world, Jason can help with empathy and compassion. He knows the vulnerable and delicate nature of sex and sexuality for many people and approaches your work together with great regard for your comfort.

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